Types of vehicle fuels

In this article deals with the different types of fuel we have as an option to recharge in the present.

It may sound very trivial initially but as continue to develop new types of fuels-especially those containing some type of alcohol, because the thing and no longer trivial as will be noted later.

On the other hand, this article is not intended to address the variety of fuels available to humans as coal, wood, paper, liquefied petroleum gas and others, but simply to give an idea of what we do in a service station when we with two or three gasoline octane values, with added alcohol fuels, diesel or biofuel, gasoline or unleaded, although the lead should have been removed for being carcinogenic agent.


Diesel or gasoline, something simple to understand!

As a first important rule: a gasoline engine does not work properly with diesel and vice versa, a diesel engine with gasoline will not work properly.

It may seem a simple rule to understand, but still there are many occasions in the service station dependent mistake for some reason, the driver parks his car in the wrong supplier and dependent inexperienced or distracted recharge diesel instead of gasoline or vice versa.

If we realize immediately that there has been an error in the fueling must stop the engine and find a way to remove all fuel from fuel tank, clean it and add the correct fuel.

No needless to say, to do the above work can take hours, with an additional expense for work and wasted fuel.

If we left the gas station and the engine fails after a few kilometers we should review the receipt of fuel issued to us and once the error in the fuel load confirmed, stop our vehicle and seek help to drain all fuel and clean the fuel system of the vehicle.

In this case it can be expensive to start the engine again, because it requires cleaning of injectors, fuel pump, piping, fuel filter, in short, a nightmare !

For this you must be very careful when reloading fuel in our vehicle.

Vehicles with gasoline engines

The manufacturer recommends for each vehicle gasoline with a minimum octane rating for proper engine operation.

If you have the User Manual of your vehicle, check the recommended octane rating, or sometimes there is a label on the vehicle with this fact: petrol tank cap, hood cover, vehicle dashboard; inner side of the driver's door, next to the internal lever opening the hatch of the gasoline tank cap.

At current fuel stations have 2 octane gasolines at least, the price is somewhat higher for higher octane gasoline and vice versa. Lots of car engines can operate properly with 87 octanos- gasoline cost less, but if you notice that the engine jingling excess gasoline have to change to 90, 91 or 92 octane as exists in your country.

Finally to save on fuel, recharge completely every time you go to the service station, you'll save by making fewer trips and also in time.


Biofuels, no emissionsGasolines with ethanol, methanol or biofuels

As a rule, alcohol fuels must be less than 10% alcohol and thus be able to operate gasoline engines without engine damage occur.

Before loading a fuel with some type of alcohol should read the User Manual vehicle to know if permitted use without risk of damage, depending on the manufacturer can afford some gasolines with added alcohol etílico- that used for alcoholic beverages with methyl alcohol (industrial alcohol), or a combination of several alcohols as biofuels case.

To promote the use of alcohol-based fuels prices are often slightly lower than gasoline, but do not be tempted by the price, should be informed first.


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