How to know that the headlights are properly aligned

Who drove at night we felt the sensation of glare when the lights of an oncoming car head pointing us straight in the eyes on many occasions.

Although sometimes this may be unavoidable glare or dazzle, if we can minimize it if the headlights of our cars are properly aligned.

The purpose of the alignment of the headlights is to allow us to best see the path we tread while not disturbing the drivers traveling in the opposite direction.

A misaligned headlights keep us from our path correctly perceive at once that can cause an accident.

If headlights are misaligned we draw attention to the time of Technical Inspection.

Before making any adjustments to the headlights must know how to recognize if the lights are straight: If headlights are properly aligned produce a typical pattern, the same as we obtain after adjustments and calibrations of the case.

The illumination pattern of the headlights of our car our car is obtained by placing 5 meters from a wall for easy viewing recommend doing it at night, and as indicated in the chart below.

Light pattern headlight
Light pattern headlamp

If you locate your car does not get this bright benchmark slightly modifying the distance, as it can vary from about 4 meters to 8 meters depending on the width of the car.

Each has two front headlight adjustment screws, whether you comply with screwdriver or manual adjustment knobs, allowing movement from left to right and top to bottom.

The red lines coincide with the front of each headlamp, while the thick blue line corresponds to the height of the lights from the ground.

No additional equipment is necessary to achieve this bright pattern, only a little patience to move each light until a similar pattern.

This adjustment or calibration of lights should be done after changing a light bulb or replacing a light break, for example.

It is enough to make the adjustment with headlight low beams, since it is automatically regulated to bright lights.


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