Kia Sportage Manuals: Owner Manual and Workshop Manual

Here you can download the User Manual and Workshop Manual Kia Sportage from 1994 to the present: 3 generations, select the appropriate year for your download.


Contents Kia Sportage Owner Manual

The User Manual Kia Sportage contains the following nine (9) chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction.- Using this manual, instructions for handling vehicle, vehicle adaptation process.

Chapter 2: Your vehicle Summary.- Air bags, glasses-seat supports for children and babies, housing compartment in the console, or support-drinks, door locks, front seat, fuel tank cap, interior lights, roof, keys, mirrors, rear seat.

Chapter 3: Knowing your VEHICLE.- Exterior Overview, General interior view, overview of the instrument panel.

Chapter 4: Driving your VEHICLE.- Power switch, engine start, manual gearbox, dual-wheel drive or four-wheel brakes, driver's steering wheel, cruise control, traction control system, electronic program stability, instrument panel, meters and gauges, warning lights monitoring system tire pressure, compass, lights, wipers, defroster.

Chapter 5: Tips for good driving.- Fuel requirements, emission control system, before driving, suggestions for economic operation, special driving conditions, vehicle weight with and without trailer, trailer, overload the vehicle and load limit information labels.


Chapter 6: In case of emergency.- Warning signs on the road, engine overheating, engine start emergency, protecting electrical circuits, trailer, if you have a flat tire.

Chapter 7: Basic Maintenance.- Table maintenance, maintenance by the owner, engine compartment, engine oil and filter engine, engine cooling system, brakes and clutch, bands transmission, power steering, automatic gearbox, manual gearbox, rear differential, transfer case (4WD), lubricants and fluids, air filter, air filter, air conditioning, feathers wipers, battery, tires and wheels, lubricant specifications, interior and exterior maintenance.

Chapter 8: Specifications Kia Sportage.- Dimensions, weights, motor, electrical system, gear ratios, tires, building, light bulbs.

Chapter 9: Index of Kia Sportage Manual

Contents Kia Sportage Workshop Manual

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Automatic Gearbox

Chapter 3: Body, interior and exterior

Chapter 4: Electrical wiring and electrical system body

Chapter 5: Brake System

Chapter 6: System Clutch

Chapter 7: Transmission, steering, suspension and brake

Chapter 8: Control system emission

Chapter 9: Engine Electrics

Chapter 10: Mechanical Engine System

Chapter 11: Fuel System

Chapter 12: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Chapter 13: Manual Transmission

Chapter 14: Security and Safety Systems

Chapter 15: Power steering or power steering

Chapter 16: Suspension System

Chapter 17: Transfer system wheel drive


Please Choose your Kia Sportage Manuals:


Kia Sportage Manuals, Generation I (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)

Kia Sportage, first generation: 1994 ~ 2003Owner Manual: PDF format, Language English, 292p, Size 47.9 MB

Workshop Manual: PDF format, Language English, 1307p, Size 81 MB

Electrical Diagrams: PDF format, Language: English, 223p, Size 10.9 MB




Kia Sportage ACTIVE manuals , Generation II, 2.0L engine (2005-present)

Kia Sportage secnd generation, 2005 to present


Owner Manual: PDF format, Language English, 371p, Size 5.22 MB

Workshop Manual: PDF format, Language English, 2543p, Size 78.0 MB



Kia Sportage ACTIVE manuals, Generation II, 2.7L V6 engine (2005-present)

Kia Sportage 2.7L V6


Owner Manual: PDF format, Language English, 371p, Size 5.22 MB

Workshop Manual: PDF format, Language English, 2538p, Size 77.7 MB



Kia Sportage R manuals, 2.0L-2.4L engine, Generation III (2010-present)

Kia Sportage third generation, 2010 to present


Owner Manual: PDF format, Language English, 387p, Size 8.44 MB

Workshop Manual: PDF format, Language English, 1501p, Size 54.5 MB



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