Dexron oil for automatic transmissions and power steering

To begin we must have an idea of ​​what a manual transmission and automatic transmission.

Manual gearbox is characterized by a lever and access the driver has to drive each time a change is made, nowadays most of the standard cars have a manual 5-speed forward and backward.

In addition car drivers with automatic transmission, just put the gear lever in the "D" (Drive) position, and only concerned with applying the brake and accelerator pedals. To reverse gear, drivers change the lever to "R" (Reverse) and operated brake and accelerator at ease.

The automatic transmission is designed to provide optimum traction, power and fuel economy with sensors that measure vehicle speed, engine speed and depth of the acceleration to set the right gear and to make changes up or down in the most convenient times.

Oil for automatic transmission is also known as ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), so over-rules Dexron listed below, are labels that can be found in bottles of oil for automatic gearboxes.

As a general rule No.1 a manual changes using manual gearbox oil change as indicated in the user manual, taking a couple of options to choose viscosity as a function of the ambient temperature where the majority of the time the car . An example of oil for manual gearbox is used by many automotive 10W40, and as options for replacing this oil have the 5W40 if the ambient temperature too low, while another option would be to use the 20W50 oil if the ambient temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, and in coastal cities.

The same applies in the selection of oil for automatic transmission, rule No. 1 indicates that an oil should be selected for automatics.

The exchange of oil, will not provide adequate lubrication, so the oil could be exchanged for short periods under extreme circumstances, a major oil leak on a trip for example, then change to the correct oil.


Gearbox oil DEXRON I

The company General Motors in the United States created the oil for automatic transmissions in 1968 with DEXRON I designation, which contained whale oil. This oil is not currently manufactured, and was used for a few years.


Gearbox oil DEXRON II

In 1972 the successor oil Dexron I appear, with a series of DEXRON II, DEXRON IID and DEXRON IIE based oils jojoba oil (Dexron II) being improved to present corrosion in welds of the engines, and arriving to be Dexron IID, to finally become the Dexron IIE had not hygroscopic water-uptake properties, which is totally detrimental to an engine.


Gearbox oil DEXRON III

For the year 1993 General Motors launches the Dexron III, with improved and can even be a substitute for Dexron II Dexron I and oils formula.

Currently the formula of this oil is revised and improved year after year to provide better performance with defoamers, which additives do not allow the formation of air bubbles, detergent additives to remove varnish, sludge and formed by high operating temperatures deposits gearbox.


Gearbox oil DEXRON VI

In 2005, General Motors launched its product DEXRON VI, this oil supersedes all previous versions DEXRON, but not the other one that is oil Dexron I, II or III to Dexron VI replaces no.


Brands of oils for automatic transmissions

Today there are several brands that manufacture oils that meet standards Dexron: Valvoline, Castrol, PDV, Quater State, Mobil, Penzzoil.

When selecting an oil for the transmission of your car if you are not sure what oil to use the following rules apply:

If the car is manufacture before 1972 use Dexron II or Dexron VI

If the car is manufacture before 1993 use Dexron III or Dexron VI

If the car is 2005 onwards manufacturing uses Dexron VI oil.


Oils for power steering (HYDRAULIC STEERING)

It is called the power steering mechanism incorporating a servo for comfort or-less hard to maneuver the steering wheel the driver, this system uses SAME TYPE OF OIL TO THE AUTO BOX.


Oils for power steering (HYDRAULIC STEERING)

The power steering features a servo for comfort -less hard to maneuver the wheel of the driver and uses SAME TYPE OF OIL to the gearbox.


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